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At Tobii, we are passionate about creating an inclusive and welcoming environment that embraces diversity. Together, we encourage and cultivate the unique voice of each Tobiian.

How we make sure we improve

Tobii strives to be a leader in Diversity and Inclusion. To do so we must keep ourselves accountable and meet and exceed all local requirements. We have set up a D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) maturity model and are using tools such as our talent management system. This helps us to become more data driven and predicting trends.

What we offer at Tobii

Beyond measurement, we have trainings, seminars, external speakers, external consultants and groups in place. Mentorship and ally workshops are just some of the programs we have in the works. All to provide practical tools as part of becoming D&I thought leaders.

Diversity Councils and LGBTG+

Diversity councils, ts. - are just one way we aim to raise awareness to diversity and inclusion topics and promote change in our work culture. Some of the activities we organize are a People Day, quizzes, seminars, how to foster safe space – to mention a few.

We also have an LGBTQ+ group in place, and we’re looking into opening a few more groups!

Collaborate or use materials in your own organization

We believe that information and material about diversity and inclusion should be shared with as many individuals as possible. So, why don’t you drop us a line at Diversity@Tobii.com